Intelligent Infrastructure for the Autonomous Factory
AI and Autonomy for Domain Experts Flexible Production Concepts / Plug & Produce Industrial-Grade Artificial Intelligence Transparent Communication Edge I IoT I IT/OT Design of Automation & Runtime for Modular Systems

AI and Autonomy for Domain Experts

How can we make complex AI applications and algorithms usable for non- AI experts? We make AI and Autonomy Algorithms as well as software building blocks accessible for usage in industrial applications. This is made possible thanks to the design of advanced HMIs that support humans in their decision-making based on all available data.

Flexible Production Concepts / Plug & Produce

How can we make processes more flexible with modular concepts? Making production (and intra-logistic) processes and lines / machines more flexible by parametrization and modularization, connecting machines via plug & produce, describing and orchestrating them via so-called “skills”.

Industrial-Grade Artificial Intelligence

How can we make AI applicable for the industry? At what point can an AI-based system be titled industrial grade? As soon as it meets the non-functional requirements (NFRs) of the specific industrial environment in which it should be utilized in. We mature and facilitate the use of Artificial Intelligence to a degree that production solutions can rely on Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of productivity gains.

Transparent Communication

How can machines exchange data and communicate transparently? Concepts for the usage of suitable communication hardware and protocols are forming the common basis for the relevant data exchange.

Edge I IoT I IT/OT

How can we ensure an efficient interplay of the OT and IT world? The collection, transport and processing of data of machines and processes with edge devices and IIoT solutions are forming one of the foundations for our autonomous factory.

Design of Automation & Runtime for Modular Systems

How can toolings support quick integration and usage from design to operation? Modular software components to run all necessary (control) functionality of the autonomous factory in the shopfloor on extensible (virtual) hardware.