Value-Adding Applications for the Autonomous Factory
Autonomous Material Handling Safety in the Autonomous Factory Autonomous Control and Process Optimization Autonomous Production Planning and Execution Industrial-Grade Artificial Intelligence Digital Thread Engineering to Zero AI and Autonomy for Domain Experts Autonomous Mobile Production Units

Autonomous Material Handling

How can we ensure a constant and smooth material flow in complex intralogistics area of production and logistic centers? Stepwise autonomisation of all material handling processes in intra-logistic areas of production and logistics centers with the help of mobile and stationary material handling systems.

Safety in the Autonomous Factory

How can we make the autonomous factory a safe, collaborative place? In most cases, an autonomous factory will not be completely free of human staff and/or visitors. For protecting them, the risk of accidents must be mitigated by appropriate safety concepts.

Autonomous Control and Process Optimization

How can we reduce effort in finding optimum control parameters for an industrial plant? Developing the programming paradigm for PLCs and automation to self-tuning and self-adaption so that industrial users need less effort to continuously find optimum control parameters for the various operation conditions of an industrial plant.

Autonomous Production Planning and Execution

How can we increase flexibility in a highly variable production environment? Overall joint optimization of production and logistic processes (both planning and execution control), with interfaces to ERP system and PLM tool (product definition data), transport systems and supply chain management tools.

Industrial-Grade Artificial Intelligence

How can we make AI applicable for the industry? At what point can an AI-based system be titled industrial grade? As soon as it meets the non-functional requirements (NFRs) of the specific industrial environment in which it should be utilized in. We mature and facilitate the use of Artificial Intelligence to a degree that production solutions can rely on Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of productivity gains.

Digital Thread

How could future concepts of interfaces and usage of data look like? The Digital Thread connects Digital Twins and Data along the product life cycle. It makes the Toolchain work as an integrated solution for the customer.

Engineering to Zero

How can we reduce engineering efforts to zero? We are on a mission to reduce the engineering effort (to zero) with concepts for self-learning and autonomous machines and processes.

AI and Autonomy for Domain Experts

How can we make complex AI applications and algorithms usable for non- AI experts? We make AI and Autonomy Algorithms as well as software building blocks accessible for usage in industrial applications. This is made possible thanks to the design of advanced HMIs that support humans in their decision-making based on all available data.

Autonomous Mobile Production Units