C2C with OPC UA

One unified machine-to-machine

C2C with OPC UA

Have you ever had the challenge to establish communication between several controllers? And adding to it the challenge to establish it between controllers of different vendors? Do you also face the challenge to find a unified communication standard between multi-vendor systems?

Up to now you would end up with programming the communication within all user programs of all controllers sending blocks of data. Would it be your dream to configure that communication by only draw lines in a graphical editor and download them without having to change all the user programs?

And with integrated functions as semantically defined communication interfaces, functional safety, security and realtime? Vendor independent, harmonized to one unified and standardized machine-to-machine interface with high usability?
This is what we envision as transparent communication.

One possible solution could be C2C with OPC UA that enables controllers from different vendors to communicate with each other semantically, functional safe, secure and in realtime. The specification “OPC UA Field Exchange (FX)” may make your dreams come true to get one unified controller-to-controller communication with OPC UA Client/Server and Pub/Sub.

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