Autonomous Factory Lab

We want to turn ideas and visions into reality. The autonomous factory lab is a place where we experiment, learn and try out. We engage in discussions with customers and partners and jointly develop our ideas to real solutions.

Our vision of the autonomous factory is build on technology with purpose.

Dynamic Production Process Management

Lot size 1 production and a flexible production line require a powerful system for production planning. Dynamic production process management system offers exactly that, providing optimal machine and transport planning based on AI algorithms.

Modular Plant Structure

Manufacturing systems of the future will be able to react flexibly to different occasions and must be reconfigurable. The modular research plant visualizes how it might look like in the future.

Augumented Reality

Augmented Reality allows the fusion of the digital and real world in the autonomous factory. It helps us humans to generate a deeper understanding of the autonomous actions within the factory.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing is revolutionizing industrial manufacturing. These new technologies reach the shopfloor and need to be integrated in the manufacturing process of the autonomous factory.

Autonomous System

Autonomous systems in the factory help to gain information about their environment, adapt and decide independently while communicating with other systems, even if their levels of autonomy vary.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence enables autonomous systems to sense processes and decide like humans. In the industrial environment, AI does not only have to be functional, but trustworthy as well. Such systems are developed in our lab.

The Autonomous Factory Lab is the place where you can experience and feel the heartbeat of the autonomous factory of the future.

Matthias Loskyll – Head of Autonomous Factory and Industrial AI

Take a tour

Welcome to our Autonomous Factory Lab. Where you will meet the manufacturing systems of tomorrow. The factory of the future will operate autonomous and flexible to different occasions. With an AI based algorithm our system generates an optimal production flow. But see the factory of the future for yourself. We would like to invite you to visit our Lab and learn how the Autonomous Factory works.