Autonomous Material Handling

The increased consumer demands for faster delivery of individualized products requires a reliable digital infrastructure and automatization of conventional material handling processes, in order to deal with fragile supply chains and lack of manual workers. Our various software concepts and modules enable a step-by-step automatization of material flow tasks between trucks, autonomous forklifts and the entire factory. With the help of mobile and stationary handling systems, a constant flow of material is ensured in the intralogistics area of production and logistic centers. This is made possible thanks to autonomous units in the fields of transport, handling, storage, order picking and packaging.

We work with partners like Evocortex, with whom we permanently optimize the driving modes and decision patterns of autonomous vehicles. Intelligent systems remember patterns on the factory floor, allowing vehicles to be located without extra infrastructure, such as QR codes.

Another great collaboration worth mentioning is the one with the Belgian company Cloostermans-Huwaert. To tackle the challenge of frequently changed formats, we worked together on a new concept, where the machine makes its decisions at runtime based on the description of the desired product and the current environment state. We used standard off-the-shelf robots, low-cost cameras and proven Simatic controller technology. With our expertise in artificial intelligence, collision free path planning and real time motion control we were able to develop in only few weeks a working prototype for a flexible kitting machine, where a product change takes place in just a few seconds – without reprogramming.

With our latest incubator project called Flexible Grasping, we are contributing to solving the urgent challenge of labor shortage for the most labor-intensive and costly activity within a distribution or production logistics process – picking tasks. The wide variety of arbitrary unknown objects and shapes makes this seemingly easy task to one of the most challenging to automate.

With Flexible Grasping, we empower standard robots to perform vision-based, autonomous grasping decisions at runtime for each object to be picked.

With ready-to-use AI software packages, we enable machine builders or system integrators to develop cutting-edge and cost-effective AI Robotics Piece Picking solutions – With ease of use and made for non-AI experts. And of course, with a perfect integration into the TIA product landscape.

Martin Arzich (CoCreation with Evocortex)

Dimitri Lomakin (CoCreation with Cloostermans-Huwaert)

Christopher Schütte (Flexible Grasping)

Paul Batsii (Flexible Grasping)

Autonomous Material Handling